RADAR™ Testing

Setting the Most Accurate Standard in DDoS Mitigation

All DDoS mitigation vendors have potential vulnerabilities. Identified vulnerabilities are called the DDoS vulnerability gap. RADAR testing allows you to overcome the vulnerability gap.

Why Companies Choose RADAR Testing

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1. Ensure business continuity
and no downtime

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2. Continuous testing versus testing only a few times a year

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3. Test more than 100 attack vectors and over 1000 IPs

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4. Get close to 99% coverage of your attack surface

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5. Automatic attack response

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6. Quick and easy deployment

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A Testing Standard that Eliminates the DDoS Vulnerability Gap


Gain complete visibility of your DDoS attack surface with continuous RADAR testing.

Constantly testing

Move to RADAR testing to get the most accurate DDoS testing standard.


Constantly test production environments – without losing business continuity.

Full attack surface coverage

Run thousands of tests, constantly, across all mitigation systems.

DDoS mitigation agnostic

Use RADAR testing with any DDoS mitigation provider.

Identifies and validates

Validate if your vulnerabilities have been patched, constantly.


How efficient is your DDoS mitigation?
Evaluate now.


Seeing is believing!


Protect your network from ransom-related DDoS attacks.

A Game-Changing Standard
There is a vulnerability gap every DDoS mitigation has. RADAR testing eliminates it by constantly testing every attack vector against all targets for vulnerabilities, without interrupting business continuity.